Happy October! We hope you are having fun Fall adventures! Suzie and her husband, John, recently took a trip to Maine to visit friends, including one who just moved from our area. Ed and Meagan (his wife) had the opportunity to volunteer with Rocking the Boat – Rocking the Boat Manhattan (a fundraising row around the island of Manhattan!) at the end September. This organization, based in the South Bronx, teaches young people sailing and boat building, while building self esteem and support to develop into confident, productive adults. It was a wonderful, inspiring event. As the end of October approaches, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Annual Bay Head Children’s Halloween parade on October 27th at 11:30 am on Mount Street. After you’ve finished with the Bay Head Children’s Halloween parade, venture over to Jenkinsons Boardwalk, which will have family-friendly Halloween events the weekend of October 27th from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm.  Other events are listed below, including Bay Head’s Veterans Day Observance.

The recent video that we would normally share with local scenery and views is not currently available, but we will send it as soon as it is.  Meanwhile, we have substituted a glimpse of one of our new listings.

Around the Towns

Just this week, fall finally arrived!  The temperatures were in the mid-40s a few mornings this week, and happily, the humidity is gone! :-)
Of interest to everyone, especially those of you with dogs, an epidemic of canine distemper in raccoons has been reported by local authorities – please keep your dog’s vaccines up to date, and watch out for any raccoons that are behaving strangely!  Save Barnegat Bay recently unveiled a new website that offers a wealth of information, and highlights their accomplishments of the last 50 years via an interactive map.  In Bay Head, it was recently reported that The Grenville made the list of most haunted places in New Jersey!  Most towns in our coastal area, including Bay Head and Mantoloking, participate in the Community Rating System (CRS) which provides flood insurance discounts to property owners, if towns meet certain requirements.  One of those requirements relates to public education and awareness – you can find one such update from Mantoloking here.  Below you will also find some “common sense” rules regarding flood safety, courtesy of the Mantoloking Office of Emergency Management. Mantoloking is also proud to share the news that Sergeant Meyer of the police department recently earned his Traffic Safety Specialist I certification.  In Bay Head, beach replenishment is likely to start early next year, and in Mantoloking, work is expected to continue through the end of this year.  Currently, there is work in Mantoloking, halfway between Lyman and Downer, subject to weather and equipment availability.  All of this information is per the Army Corps website.  You can see some recent aerial views of the Mantoloking work in the video above. Dune grass will be available to Mantoloking oceanfront owners on November 2nd – details can be found here.

“There are several actions residents of Mantoloking can take to decrease the potential for injury due to flooding.

1. Know the flood warning procedures.

2. Do not attempt to cross flowing water where water is above your knees.

3. Keep children away from flood waters, ditches, culverts, and storm drains.

4. If your vehicle stalls in high water, abandon it immediately and seek higher ground.

5. Evacuate the flood hazard areas in times of impending flood or when advised to do so by the police or fire department.

6. Cut off all electric circuits at the fuse panel or disconnect switch. If this is not possible, turn off or disconnect all electrical appliances. Shut off water service and gas valves in your home.

7. Stay away from downed power lines and electric lines. Report downed lines to
the Power Company and the Municipal Police Department.

8. Look out for animals. Small animals that have been flooded out of their homes
may seek shelter in your home.

9. Clean everything that gets wet. Flood waters may have contacted road chemicals, sewage and other harmful materials.”

Upcoming Events

Bay Head Halloween Parade – Saturday, October 27th, 11:00 am

Bay Head Veterans Day Observance – Saturday, November 10th, 11:00 am

Bay Head Christmas Walk – Friday, December 7th, Begins at 4:00 pm


The next Bay Head council meeting is November 5th at 7:00 pm; the next Bay Head Planning Board meeting is November 7th at 7:30 pm; and the next Bay Head Environmental Commission Meeting is November 13th at 5:30 pm.

Upcoming meetings in Mantoloking are as follows – The Mantoloking Planning Board Meeting will be November 1st at 6:30 pm. The Environmental Commission Meeting will be November 13th at 4:30 pm, and the Mantoloking Council Agenda Setting meeting also will be November 13th at 5:30 pm. The Regular Borough Business meeting is scheduled for November 20th at 5:30 pm.

All dates are subject to change, and the latest information is usually posted on the respective website. More town meetings and events can be found on the town calendars: Bay Head | Mantoloking


Happily, there is some market activity to report in both towns!  We had two closings in the last few weeks (one in Bay Head at 632 Main Avenue [$1,225,000], and one in Mantoloking – 1524 Ocean Avenue [$1,410,000] ), and have two listings under contract.  In addition, we have two new listings to share with you – one on South Lagoon Lane (bayfront), and one on Mount Street (ocean views).  A glimpse of each is included in the video above. If you know someone who might be interested, please share this email, or have them contact us.  In other news, two of our listings have new prices – 420 West Lake Avenue, Bay Head, and 1801 Boat Point Drive, Point Pleasant.  As always, all of our current listings can be found on our website.

Additional details about the current market in both towns can be found below.  If you have questions about your property, or another neighborhood, please ask.

In Bay Head, there are currently 26 homes and parcels of land on the market, (down from last month’s total of 29) and 1 property under contract (our listing at 642 Main Avenue). In the last 30 days, there have been 5 closings in Bay Head.

In Mantoloking, there are currently 37 homes and parcels of land on the market (same total as last month, though the inventory has changed), and 3 properties under contract, also involving us or agents from our office. In the last 30 days, there were 3 closings in Mantoloking, one of which involved us, and another that involved agents from our office.

We welcome your comments, suggests for topics, and other feedback.  We also would be happy to meet with you at your convenience if there is anything that you would like to discuss.

We hope that you are enjoying the fall season wherever you may be!

Thank you,

Ed and Suzie

All statistics are per the Monmouth/Ocean MLS as of 10/19/2018.